We’ve added Sunday brunch to our live music schedule!  Live music on the Beer Garden from 11:30am-2:30pm on Sundays.

Thursday and Friday Performances are from 7:00pm-10pm.

Thursday, July 6th – Mike Boucher

Friday, July 7th – Raw Generic

Sunday, July 9th – The Joneses

Thursday, July 13th – Fil Pacino

Friday, July 14th – Munk Duane

Sunday, July 16th – Screamin’ Leaman

Thursday, July 20th – Matt Browne

Friday, July 21st – Steve Smith

Sunday, July 23rd – Fil Pacino

Thursday, July 27th – The Joneses

Friday, July 28th – Screamin’ Leaman

Sunday, July 30th – Screamin’ Leaman

Thursday, August 3rd – Fil Pacino

Friday, August 4th – Steve Smith

Sunday, August 6th – The Joneses

Thursday, August 10th – Matt Browne

Friday, August 11th – Munk Duane

Sunday, August 13th – TBD

Thursday, August 17th – Fil Pacino

Friday, August 18th – Raw Generic

Sunday, August 20th – Fil Pacino

Thursday, August 24 – Steve Smith

Friday, August 25th – Fil Pacino

Thursday, August 31st – The Second Chance Band

Friday, September 1st – Steve Smith

Sunday, September 3rd – Steve Smith

Thursday, September 7th – Munk Duane

Friday, September 8th – Raw Generic

Sunday, September 10th – Fil Pacino

Thursday, September 14th – The Second Chance Band

Friday, September 15th – Raw Generic

Sunday, September 17th – The Joneses

Thursday, September 21st – The Joneses

Friday, September 22nd – Screamin’ Leaman

Sunday, September 24th – Munk Duane

Live Music Schedule in the Beer Garden • 2017

LIVE MUSIC at Scarlet Oak Tavern! Join us for a steak, local seafood, pizza, and cocktails!  We have something on the menu for everyone to enjoy.  Thursdays & Fridays we have live music in our outdoor seating area, the Beer Garden!

live music

Friday May 19th – Raw Generic

Thursday May 25th – Munk Duane

Friday May 26th – Matt Browne

Thursday June 1st – The Joneses

Friday June 2nd – Matt Browne

Thursday June 8th – Mike Boucher

Friday June 9th – Munk Duane

Thursday June 15th – Fil Pacino

Friday June 16th – Raw Generic

Thursday June 22nd – Raw Generic

Friday June 23rd – Mike Boucher

Thursday June 29th – The Joneses

Friday June 30th – The Second Chance Band

Thursday July 6th – Mike Boucher

Friday July 7th – Raw Generic

Thursday July 13th – Fil Pacino

Friday July 14th – Munk Duane

Thursday July 20th – Matt Browne

Friday July 21st – Steve Smith

Thursday July 27th – The Joneses

Friday July 28th – Screamin’ Leaman

Thursday August 3rd – Fil Pacino

Friday August 4th – Steve Smith

Thursday August 10th – Matt Browne

Friday August 11th – Munk Duane

Thursday August 17th – Fil Pacino

Friday August 18th – Raw Generic

Thursday August 24 – Steve Smith

Friday August 25th – Fil Pacino

Thursday August 31st – The Second Chance Band

Friday September 1st – Steve Smith

Thursday September 7th – Munk Duane

Friday September 8th – Raw Generic

Thursday September 14th – The Second Chance Band

Friday September 15th – Raw Generic

Thursday September 21st – The Joneses

Friday September 22nd – Screamin’ Leaman